CM is back in the studio putting the finishing touch on our latest CD. We have decided to title it

Hymns And Southern Praise. If all goes well, it should be on sale by mid March.

​​​CM has their 1977 MCI M8 bus for sale. If interested, Call Phil at  540.661.6962

Plans are already being made to start another project, that will include the songs that you have requested at our table. Be on the lookout for it, due date

should be late May or early June.



1. Mansion Over The Hilltop 

2. Look For Me
3. I'm A Poor Rich Man
4. He Didn't Throw The Clay              Away
5. Not What I Was
6. Wish You Were Here
7. Just a Little While/

    Meeting In The Air

8. Christmas Shoes

Calvary's Mercy

Southern Gospel